A client recently scheduled a series of session in preparation for her upcoming wedding.  She was stressed about some of the present family dynamics and history and wanted to release as much baggage as she could before her special day.  She also wanted to be as centered and grounded as she could to be fully present.  She found the work so powerful that she scheduled one of her appointments morning that everyone was arriving!!!  When she left, she felt ready to enjoy the day with her groom and meet incoming guests.

Upon returning from her honeymoon, she found a family member had “thrown her under the bus” so to speak.  “Kim it was the CranioSacral work we did together before my wedding that helped me deal with this.  I was mad for a day or so and then able to move on.”

A mother of a different bride is also finding that her daughters upcoming wedding is bringing up old wounds of her own as well as issues around boundaries.  She wants to be joyful and excited for the events coming up.  Through the combination of body work, visualization, emotional releasing and healing she is also moving toward her desired way of being present for this special event.

A third women recently come in after spending 10 days assisting her mother transfer into a group home and arrange for Hospice.  She was depleted and emotionally upset. Acupuncture and talking to a friend had helped her get shifted into a better place yet she wanted more. Old emotional pain was released from deep in her body and she left feeling stronger and more centered in herself, able to see and take in gifts that were present during this challenging time.

CranioSacral therapy helps the tissues of the body release the trapped stress and emotions.   When we balance the body and release what is no longer needed, we are better able to make healthy choices for ourselves and choose different ways to interact with those around us.  We are better able to stay centered in ourselves and be a blessing to others.