It was the last run of a wonderful day of skiing when my friend went over a bump not realizing the large dip the hill made on the other side.  She unfortunately fell, attempting to catch herself with her hand/arm.  It hurt to move it, especially to push with her ski poles.  Was it broken? Jammed?  Dislocated?  I offered to come over later that evening to do some CranioSacral Therapy with her.

As I worked with her that evening, I could feel places that felt swollen, jammed, hurting.  As I worked I could also feel releases in her wrist, thumb, elbow and she experienced a decrease in pain and feeling of her arm being jammed.  The more focused pain remained in her shoulder area.   We agreed it would be a smart idea to have it checked out the next day.  Her appointment with an orthopedist the next day revealed that she indeed did have a fracture near the ball of her shoulder.

We worked together again later in the week supporting further unwinding, release and healing of the tissue and sending good healing energy to the bone itself.   My friend was very grateful to have received CranioSacral therapy so quickly following her injury.  I trust that having done this, she will heal more quickly and is certainly more comfortable than she would have been without the work.

Whether you need allopathic intervention or not, CranioSacral Therapy can assist you in your healing and get you back to your regular activities more quickly.  If you fall on the ice or are injured while participating in some of your favorite activities, I will be happy to schedule an appoint with you to get you back in the game.