Do you find yourself getting stuck at times in negative thinking?  Well I sure do.  As my nest has become empty I have found myself a bit melancholy.  Even with this beautiful healing practice I have, no longer having kids in the house has me wondering what my purpose is and what the rest of my life looks like.

Today however I spent some time asking a different question “WHAT GETS TO HAPPEN IN THIS NEW SPACE?”  I was excited to see how much changing the question changed my perspective and brought a smile to my face.  Instead of feeling the weight of “I should clear out the basement” and “What else is on my list to get done”,  I found “My space gets to be cleared and thinned out”.  Isn’t that amazingly different?  It feels lighter to me and now I am more enthusiastic about it.  Other things that came are “I get to develop a brochure, listen to Kristi Sheldon, sit on the deck soaking up the sun”.  With it being “I get to…” it loosens up the guilt and the pressure and allows for enjoyment and pleasure.

What do you get to re-frame in your life, bringing more joy and pleasure to the day?