“I can’t believe what was revealed.” stated a client after a session last week.  “It’s always good but this was very surprising.  When I was coming in today I thought I didn’t have much to work with.  I am intrigued.”

For some clients, we often find in our work together that hidden in the stiff neck, the sore shoulder, the paining knee is an unexpressed and unrevealed emotion.  At times when I place my hands on a particular part of the body, I am able to sense sadness, fear, guilt.  I will then usually ask my client if they sense this as well and we dialog a bit about it.  Often times a client is then led through a visualization where we ask this part of the body what it needs.  When we are in the imagination and tuning into the body, it is amazing what it will tell us.  Many times clients find that the body really wants to simply be more gently taken care of, perhaps a little more sleep, some stretching, something green to eat. It is so easy to treat the body as a machine rather than the living thing that it is.  Other times emotional patterns of carrying the stress of other people, old wounds being held beyond their helpfulness, patterns of thinking are held in the tissues of our body and are ready for release.  Sometimes simply acknowledging the thought, emotion, pain and supporting it with the light touch of CranioSacral Therapy is enough. Other times we talk about different ways of working with what is revealed along with the body work and things shift.  The combination of physical support and a verbal/imaginative process can have amazing results!!

“My neck feels better”, “I can breath more easily”,  “all the stress in my head is gone”  are all things I have recently heard from clients.  The result in their lives-sleeping through the night without waking with back pain, moving on from unfulfilling relationships to ones that are fun and mutually satisfying, reduction of neck pain, more range of motion, improved mental disposition, reduced symptoms of PTSD.

So Gently Transform Your Pain and Stress, Move More Freely In Your Life!!