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Chronic Pain from Falling Accident

For forty years, I have dealt with neck, back, shoulder and head pain as a result of falling 20 feet off the back of a football stadium.  At times, the pain would debilitate every aspect of my life. I never knew when this would happen so I lived a very careful life, working to not get too stressed, always monitoring the pain and doing my best to live with the pain.  It was very discouraging.


I had already been working with this through the perspective of chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, stretching, physical movement exercises, meditation and biofeedback.  I had heard about CranioSacral Therapy, and I wanted to try it. There was something about the way Kim presented the method on the website that really drew me in. I knew it would be more than just CranioSacral Therapy.  I could tell it would also be about my overall healing journey and the important relationship with the therapist.


My first session with Kim was amazing—and it gave me much hope. The pain lessened in one area, and the intensity didn’t return.  This made me very excited about returning to do more work, to see how we could address the different areas of pain.  In addition to pain relief, I also feel much more grounded and centered.  Dealing with this pain for so long has been hard on my soul as well as my body!!  For the first time in decades, I have great hope.


Working with Kim has revealed to me how healing is much larger than zeroing in on a specific pain or problem.  It’s about stepping back and looking at not only the cause of the pain but also the patterns that develop to cope with the pain.  I was used to having the pain get a little bit better but always being told that I’d have to live with it for the rest of my life. 


With Kim, it’s more about mystery and possibility.  Kim is very in tune with what’s happening during a session and following the path to healing yet knowing she is not in control of the healing.  I now can more easily step back and be with these pains instead of being so scared of them.  I am in awe of how this therapy releases these stuck, painful parts of me.


After every session, I feel better.  Something shifts. Something releases.  Something improves. And I look forward to every session!


 ~ JR


Moving in Harmony CranioSacral Therapy, LLC

Gently Transform Your Pain and Stress, Move into a Greater Sense of Wholeness & Harmony

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