Pain from Surgery

The glowing report of my trusted chiropractor convinced me to try CranioSacral therapy with Kim.  I have been working with low back pain and groin pain that is connected to scar tissue from an appendectomy many years ago.  Kim reads my issues and guides me to facing them. With the 5 sessions I have had this past year, I experience less pain, feel in better balance and have a sense of control over my symptoms.


In addition, I have greater stamina and find I am making better decisions on my own behalf.  Where before I would have pushed myself to finish a project or do one more thing, if I need a nap, I take one.  I have more equilibrium, both physically and emotionally. I’m more hopeful about continued healing from my symptoms.

~ MJ


Gently Transform Your Pain and Stress, Move into a Greater Sense of Wholeness & Harmony

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