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Dear Future Client,

I understand how long term chronic pain can inhibit the life you want to live, how it can limit your activities and even distract you from connecting in the ways you really want with friends and family.  The good news is CranioSacral Therapy holds the potential to shift and transform this experience so you have a greater sense of wholeness and harmony in your movement and your life. I am excited to work with you, to begin this journey with you.

Clients have come to me with physical neck and back pain, TMJ issues, digestive problems, headaches and more.  Many have experienced a reduction or resolution of these symptoms. Some find that regularly scheduled maintenance sessions keeps them balanced and their symptoms away.  They are able to resume activities abandoned previously due to pain or restrictions.

In addition, many clients report feeling more balanced, and grounded.  They find they make better decisions on their own behalf. They have more clear thinking and better focus.  They feel more in tune with themselves. This allows us more freedom to make choices in our lives.

I also have clients who have old emotional traumas from medical procedures, physical and sexual abuse.  Some come to specifically to address these issues with CranioSacral Therapy and for others the work brings these issues to the surface.  Our body stores these memories and injuries, especially when not fully resolved. When given a supportive presence, a deep listening, the body can reveal and release these wounds.  My clients have found CranioSacral Therapy helpful in working through these issues in ways they have not previously been able to do. This has been astounding to witness and help facilitate.  This work has the potential to be deeply transformative.

Through this beautiful work, we are also able to release energetic patterns passed down through our lineage or through our culture.  Even something that happened generations ago can be affecting us today. Healing these patterns frees us and has the potential to help others heal as well.

I strive to hold a neutral, sacred space where your bodies wisdom guides the session.  I allow your body to lead, your Wisdom to lead. John Upledger, founder of the Upledger Clinic and training center, calls this part of us our Inner Physician.  In this way, things move and open at a rate you can integrate, at your bodies pace.

It is an honor to be accompanying you on your journey of healing, a journey back to yourself ~

To explore how CranioSacral can support you in moving from pain and stress to wholeness and harmony, call 651-366-1112.



Moving in Harmony Craniosacral Therapy, LLC

Move into a greater sense of wholeness and harmony.

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